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So the most incredible thing happened to me while I was planning our trip away to Florida this past November.  (Let me preface this by saying how much I love Scotland.  I love living in Scotland, I love shooting in Scotland and I love photographing Scottish people.  Other photographers when they hear I live in Scotland positively SWOON at the thought of being able to photograph this incredible place.)  That said, sometimes you just want something different.  I guess that’s one of the main reasons you get away on holiday, right?!  Well, turns out that photographers need holidays as well, and the opportunity to photograph lovely people in a new surrounding was too much to resist.

Meet Janelle + Brad, both Florida natives celebrating their third wedding anniversary.  It’s a long story how I found them, but it involved help from a network of really awesome female photographers from The Babetown Collective which is such an inspiration to me.  When I connected with Janelle – I knew immediately that I needed to work with her.

Both Janelle + Brad are singers, actors and dancers and are both working for some of the major theme parks in Orlando.  Essentially, if you grew up loving animated films, then these two have your dream job.   What really struck me about these two was how in tune they both were with each other.  If I hadn’t known it was their third wedding anniversary, I would have said they had been married a lot longer – in the most lovely way.  There was  a language between them which was so wonderful to watch.

 This incredible dress is from the intensely creative brain behind RowanJoy.  Rowan makes the most incredible dresses and in fact, made this one custom for Janelle so I could take it out to Florida with me.  It fit Janelle so perfectly, and as she twirled around she said to me “I don’t think I’ve ever loved wearing anything more!”  I was so relieved, there is something very daunting about designing a dress for someone you’ve never met.

 And not forgetting Brad of course!  I knew I wanted to go for a smart preppy look for him and Janelle had told me he preferred smart, tailored pieces.  I was able to find the jacket, shirt, braces and tie here in Edinburgh for him but the fab trousers and boots are his own!  It really came together perfectly, exactly how I’d envisioned.
This breathtaking location is a natural hot springs located just outside of Orlando, in a place called Kelly Park.  I guess in the summer on the weekend it is absolutely packed with people, but at eight o’clock in the morning on a Tuesday, we were the only ones there!  Bliss.

Janelle + Brad were such good sports.  The water wasn’t exactly the warmest in the world (although, by Scottish standards it was practically bath water) but they still got in right at the end of the shoot for some last romantic shots in the very blue water.  I did have to go in first of course, to prove there were no alligators (they’re weren’t, I checked) and also to show that it wasn’t in the slightest bit cold at all! (It was, it bloody was…)

It was the most wonderful day, and along with making two fantastic new friends – I got to experience parts of Florida I definitely wouldn’t have otherwise.  If you feel like being a bit braver with your wedding photos (swimming in Loch Lomond anyone?  Kidding.) then please don’t hesitate to get in touch!