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Having just had our own wedding with kids involved, I can attest to there being something really special about having your children at your wedding.  Somehow, they really make the event even more memorable, if that’s possible.  Meet Natalie and Bobbie and their two wonderful children Jordan and Billy.  Both kids are looking forward to the upcoming wedding, as you can imagine.  I’m sure away from me and the camera, they argue like any other sibling pair but they were nothing but loving and sweet with each other.  Especially Jordan who was so good with his younger brother!  It was great to watch and even better to photograph.

(Billy was keen to show me his Singing Kettle lunch box, filled with so many awesome Toy Story figures –  this kid knows what props to bring to a photoshoot.)

Natalie and Bobbie are soon to be married at the elegant and picture perfect Vu in Bathgate, a perfect late autumn wedding which I really can’t wait for.  It was wonderful to spend the time getting to know this little family better down on Cramond beach, hearing how the wedding planning is going and making sure the kids were going to be comfortable with me on the day .  After an initial hesitation, Billy took to the camera like a duck to water – it wasn’t so bad after all!   Lovely weather that day too – there is actually nothing better than a bright and overcast day, the light is flattering and the colours really pop.  Add a slight haze and it gave the whole event a beautiful atmosphere. I really love autumn, it’s my favourite of the seasons.

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