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This spectacular family shoot had everything going for it.  Adorable baby, check.  Gorgeous and fun family, check. One newly engaged couple?!  Check!  (As in, just the night before!) Sometimes my job is just too easy.  😉

So there was a lot of love to celebrate on this sunny Sunday at the Dean Gallery in Edinburgh.  Little Arran absolutely stole the show.  Who wouldn’t fall totally in love with those big blue eyes and cheeky grin?

He was joined by mum Aly and dad Andrew who couldn’t be more in love with this cutie if they tried.  Arran’s gran Anne was on hand to make sure there were plenty of smiles (she was very good on monkey duty!) and to round off our group – uncle Robert and his brand new fiancée Keri were on a high from their romantic Loch Lomond escape.

All in all, a wonderful moment in time captured, and with one of Edinburgh’s coolest buildings as the dramatic backdrop.  It doesn’t get any better.

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