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Winner of a 2016 Wedisson Wedding Photography Award

Getting recognition from clients as a wedding photographer is usually a fairly straight forward process – if you create a consistently high quality product and treat your clients and their guests with respect and care, then your couple are always appreciative and usually go out of their way to let you know how happy they are.  My wonderful couples are no exception!   I pride myself on the relationships that I build with my clients and I can now call quite a few of them good friends.

However, getting recognition for the work you do from your photographer peers and other professionals is usually trickier.  Hopefully you can build yourself a supportive network of other photographers working in the business and their input in your photography is always great to receive.  But having a neutral third party let you know that what you’re doing is on the right track is amazing.  I was so thrilled this past weekend to receive an email confirming that an image I submitted for review was selected for a 2016 Wedisson Wedding Photography Award! Cue the excited squealing and confetti!  (Just kidding, I told my husband and then Skyped my mum…)

This particular image came about right at the end of Sigrid + Juraj’s couple portrait session on their wedding day.  Errol Park has an amazing sweeping drive with mature trees and we were also blessed with some fantastic sunshine and ideal lighting conditions, it was a truly beautiful day.  I always encourage my couples to take a little stroll together away from me and all the other guests – not only can you capture some wonderfully sweet moments of them together, but it gives them a chance to get away from all the family and guests for a few minutes, breathe and delight in each other’s company.  I snapped this shot just at the right moment as they were looking at each other with so much love…  how did I ever get so lucky that this is my job?

You can check out the rest of this year’s Wedisson Winners on their website, I’m in fantastic company!!


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