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This shoot was so special for me – I shot Ross and Maria’s wedding a few years ago, and now they have little Oliver!   I also had the pleasure of shooting Ross’ sister Kirstin’s wedding and they have since added little Karmin to their family… along with Ross’ other sister Karen, her family and the parents… it was quite the get together!  So lovely to see all the kids getting so much bigger, cousins bonding and getting to know each other better.  Ross and Maria were visiting all the way from California so this trip was the first time all the kids were together and you could tell they were loving it!

This was the perfect opportunity to capture some memories from their day – they won’t all be together like this for a little while at least, so to have a freeze frame of the kids before they grow anymore, was great.  I think the grandparents really enjoyed it as well.    (PS Don’t you just love the matching tops?  So cute!  I love it when families get into the spirt of things.)

Enjoy this little snapshot of their day together at the Botanic Gardens in Edinburgh.  If you would like to speak to me about capturing your own family memories, you can contact me here or take a look at even more family photography, here.



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