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Next in our series of blogs about preparing you for your upcoming wedding day (and continuing with the jewellery theme!) we are speaking to Moira Warren of Patience Jewellery about her recommendations, thoughts and style.  


This beautiful and accomplished woman is Moira Warren, the founder and Director of Patience Jewellery, based in Edinburgh but already available in many stockists across the UK and Ireland. Having worked in the jewellery industry for the past 8 years she followed her heart and started her own brand based on the values important to her. A brave and bold move which has proved to be phenomenally successful.  Her words:

Patience Jewellery is an Edinburgh-based luxury jewellery brand. We believe that jewellery should last a lifetime and strive to create timeless, quality jewellery that’s free from the constraints of design trends. Our unique collections are carefully designed and meticulously crafted to be worn everyday, loved for generations and treasured forever.

I managed to catch up with Moira at Spoon, one of Edinburgh’s most atmospheric and chilled out cafes, worth a visit if you’re on Nicolson street and feeling a bit peckish!




What should someone think about when choosing jewellery for their wedding day?

I think the most important thing is to feel and look like the best version of yourself on your special day. Its important to remain true to your own style and not copy something you have seen in a magazine or blog.  Of course, you can get great ideas from these places but more often than not, that dress or statement necklace, will look totally different on you.  If you’re not true to yourself,_DSC7611 you will end up feeling uncomfortable and out of sorts.

When considering what pieces to wear, have you asked any of your family if there are any special pieces that say, your mother or grandmother wore on their wedding day? What makes jewellery completely unique is the story behind it and what better way to honour our loved ones than by celebrating the jewellery they loved.  After all, it could be your ‘something old’!

Depending on the style you choose for your day, I feel that jewellery can really bring a bride’s look to life.

Some women opt for more traditional classic styles; pearl or diamond stud earrings or a simple pearl necklace.  These are timeless choices and will be an investment that you can wear time and time again. This is also a good option if your dress is highly decorative.  You don’t want to distract from the delicate details of your gown, so if this is case I would be tempted to keep my hair and jewellery very simple.

I knew a bride who kept her jewellery very classic for the ceremony and dinner, but when the dancing started later on in the evening, she removed her veil and classic pieces and opted for a stunning crystal statement neck piece which took her look from day to night.

She looked fantastic and I loved the idea of having two “looks”.



Patience Jewellery – The Bell Collection


What are you thoughts on a new piece of jewellery versus an heirloom piece?

As I mentioned before, ‘heirlooms’ or pieces that have been in the family for some time, for me, are the natural choice.  I am very sentimental at heart and this emotional side of jewellery appeals to me (and is what drives my passion for it too).  However, we are all not so lucky to own such pieces.

Costume jewellery is a huge market now, and to be fair – there are some really lovely and well made options available out there.  If you love the design, and it suits you – go for it!  Alternatively, spending a day rummaging around vintage stores and antique markets for some really unusual decorative pieces of jewellery, can turn up some hidden gems.  It will make you feel just as special, for a fraction of the cost.

All that being said, my advice is if you really want an investment piece that you will get to wear for life, you really can’t go wrong with simple diamond ear studs – timeless and beautiful.



What’s your advice if someone was interested in having a piece made?

Whenever I mee_DSC7501t a client I ask them to go out and have a look in shop windows and online for styles which appeal to them.  I use Pinterest a lot myself (follow her amazing style here) and I encourage clients to build portfolios of designs they like on there.

I ask them to think about their lifestyle, for example, do they wear their ring to work and if so what kind of job do they do? These kinds of questions might sound strange but it helps me visualise what options we have for styles of settings and gemstones, as some are more durable and hard wearing than others.  I want to make sure what I make, lasts forever.


For me, an important aspect of any design is finding out more personal details about the person.  What’s your favourite flower? Is there a city that you both love? Anything that can help me design something unique and special with the person wearing it in mind.

Designing and making an engagement ring or any piece of wedding jewellery for a couple is a huge honour and I would say to anyone considering having a bespoke piece made, to make sure you have a really good rapport with the jeweller and ask lots of questions in the process – you have to be 100% happy at each stage.


Patience also offer a fully comprehensive bespoken design service.  Past creations and more information can be found on their website, and Moira can be reached at moira@patiencejewellery.com or www.patiencejewellery.com 



Patience Jewellery – The Bell Collection


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