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My new wedding photography website for Edinburgh and Scotland

Apparently I don’t like to do things by halves, because not only was I moving to a new studio in the building, but my husband is also transitioning to self employment and of course, Christmas is coming up with all its album orders, prints and family shoots… Essentially, it was chaos as usual.  And then I decided to redo my wedding photography website!  Crazy, I need my head read.

The last few weeks have been a hectic mash of delivering albums, late nights writing wedding webpages, finishing up client galleries, sanding and painting a floor, painting walls, building a large amount of IKEA furniture and generally questioning every life choice I’ve made in the past month and a half.  But then, we got to the end of it!  Well nearly. The office is moved into but not really in a state to show off as of yet. The wedding photography website however, is pretty much done and I’m thrilled with how it came out.

When building your own wedding photography website, you want to strike the right balance between user familiarity  (is the user going to know generally where everything is without looking too hard?) and making sure your site is still unique, beautiful and manages to hold it’s own amongst the thousands of other talented people that offer roughly the same service you do!  It’s no small feat.  I hope I’ve accomplished something that shows off my work without too much fuss but still gives you an insight into my personality and style.   Clearly you’re already on my website (hi, welcome) but please take a look around and let me know what you think.   If you notice any glaring typos or have some constructive feedback, don’t be shy… tell me about it.

Wedding photography website

The new wedding photography office space

A little preview of the new office space.  It’s coming along really nicely!  Are you in love my marble desk?!  Well, faux marble desk… (Farble?)  It’s actually a long length of IKEA kitchen counter top spanning the whole width of the room that we’ve repurposed as a fantastic desk space for two.  (Two!? I hear you exclaim.) Exciting news – as of January, my husband will be joining me in this cosy little Hill Street space, running his own business Horology Hub – a luxury watch consultancy and concierge service in Edinburgh and the rest of the UK.  VERY thrilling times in the Morgan/McDowell household.

And of course, anyone who’s been to Hill Street Design House before knows that we are in fact, a team of three.  How can I leave out Olive, the best studio dog in existence?  For those who haven’t met her yet, we adopted Olive as a 6 month old stray from Spain through the charity Spanish Stray Dogs UK. (If you are looking for the perfect dog and have exhausted your UK adoption options, I highly recommend that you get in touch with them. #adoptdontshop)

Admittedly, she isn’t looking too impressed with me at the minute!  But she likes her new spot on the chair so I guess she’s a happy dog.

Wedding photography website

Wedding photography website


I’m very much looking forward to welcoming all my new wedding couples to the new space for tea, coffee or champagne starting January 2017!   New year, new studio and new studio-mate…looks like it’s shaping up to be a very good year indeed.

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