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I was invited to Glasgow to meet up with the whole team from MACS Adventure, a really vibrant & wonderful group of people very passionate about travel – especially the walking and cycling variety.  They recently moved into their new offices, and what a space.  Given the company’s great eco-friendly credentials you would expect their space to help encompass the outdoors.  Touches such as a super tactile living moss wall, exposed plywood woodwork, an integrated herb garden in the kitchen and masses amount of natural light make you feel like you’ve just arrived at the lobby of a trendy eco-lodge. (Probably quite fitting for a travel company!)

My remit was to give MACS a complete set of headshots for the whole company and also to try and photograph the human side of the new office space.  Yes, the surroundings were gorgeous, but we wanted to capture how the team was actually using their brand new environment.  Not actually as simple as it sounds, given the new-ness of the space.  Some areas were straight-forward, like the kitchen – but other spaces not found in traditional offices, such as the dedicated ‘quiet area’ with egg chair would probably take some getting used to!  (I know where you would have found me… the hanging egg chair had my name written all over it!)

Huge thanks to everyone at MACS Adventure for letting me put a camera in their face for two days and for putting up with my endless requests for everyone to “just do a really big fake laugh.”  😀

If you’re looking to plan a walking or cycling tour in the UK or Europe anytime soon, you should check this local company out!  There’s a huge amount of passion and experience there and it’s definitely catching.  I’ve already planned several walking tours that I will absolutely take, once I actually have some spare time!

Are you looking for new headshots or corporate photos of your office space?  Get in touch here.

Are you looking for new headshots or corporate photos of your office space?  Get in touch here.